Comfy clothes I’ve been loving lately

Comfy clothes I’ve been loving lately

Outfit sold out from Lou and Grey

Since the start of self quarantining there’s been a few days where I am inspired to wear a cute outfit but lately it’s been cold and rainy and all I want to do is be comfy. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite items that have been getting me through these times. I have a few brands I love for comfy clothes so I separated everything by brand.

Lou and Grey @ Loft

Lou and Grey is seriously so soft and is perfect for when you want to be comfy without wearing athleisure wear.


Workout clothes are essential for comfort and Lululemon has some of the best.

Vineyard Vines

“Every day should feel this good” is a saying that perfect fits Vineyard Vines. Their fabric are so soft and everything is really cute!

Lilly Pulitzer

I love this brand not just for its adorable prints but for how comfortable everything is. Visit this post for more.

Happy shopping and happy almost Easter, XOXO Katelyn

Spring Dresses from Target

Spring Dresses from Target

This dress is so so comfy and perfect for WFH!

I’m not normally someone who buys clothes from Target but lately their new spring clothes have been too cute to pass up. Plus everything is at such good prices. For this post I’m just sharing my favorite spring dresses but I also love Target’s swimsuits and accessories so maybe I’ll do a few more Target posts… Anyways, I hope you enjoy this post and find something you like!

p.s. So many of these dresses are flowy, comfy and perfect for staying home. Stay safe and stay home y’all!

Confirmation and First Holy Communion Gifts for Girls

Confirmation and First Holy Communion Gifts for Girls

Confirmation and First Holy Communion are two very special events that are coming up soon. I’m actually being confirmed this year and I am so excited! The saint I chose for my confirmation is Saint Gianna Beretta Molla. Throughout this post you may see gifts specific to this saint such as this bracelet and this art print. I also found similar gifts for other saints and I think it would be so special to get a gift relating to the chosen saint of the girl you know being confirmed.

This post is perfect if you know a girl in your life who is about to partake in one of these sacraments this year. I separated this post based on item type. Most gifts work for First Communion and Confirmation but some are more specific. For those ones that are specified for the sacrament I included a similar option for the other sacrament. The links for each gift are in the captions of the pictures. I hope this post helps you find the perfect gift!

Before I start with the rest of the gifts I wanted to add in an idea that I was gifted on my First Holy Communion. My mom got a white handkerchief embroidered in light Blue with my name in the middle and the dates of my sacraments on each corner (one for baptism, one for first communion, one for confirmation, and eventually one for my wedding). One day I will have this as my something blue and my something old on my wedding. I think this is such a special keepsake that could be gifted for First Communion or Confirmation.


Books and Journals

The journals are better for teenagers being confirmed but I did include a book that looks perfect for 7-8 year old girls going through their First Communion.

Rosaries and Jewelry

Art Prints

These prints are all so beautiful and all found on Etsy! If the girl you are getting the gift for has a favorite bible verse or has chosen their confirmation saint you can do a quick search on Etsy to find the verse or a quote by their saint for a personalized gift.

Would Rather be Wearing Vol. 1

Would Rather be Wearing Vol. 1

I’ve been having kind of a rough day. I haven’t dealt very productive and had a stressful situation. Finding cute clothes brings me a lot of happiness so I decided to start a fun new series. I’ll be sharing outfits that I would rather be wearing. These outfits also show where I would rather be. I obviously would not be wearing this outfit in the freezing 65 degree weather. But, I would like to be at the pool with my friends wearing this!

Links: (p.s. almost everything is super affordable) Dress, Swimsuit, Earrings, Bag, Shoes, Hat

Comfiest Lilly Sale Picks (perfect for WFH)

Comfiest Lilly Sale Picks (perfect for WFH)

So crazy Lilly Pulitzer is have a 30% off sale! All Lilly lovers know there are only two huge sales a year so this was definitely a surprise. However, they have had to close all of their stores for the safety of their employees. This sale is the perfect way to support the whole Lilly community in these unknown times. Plus, Lilly is know for comfort so all these styles are perfect for staying at home whether you are working are doing online school. BTW I also thought this hat was so cute and adds some style to just leggings and a t-shirt (which I’m sure is what we’ve all been wearing).

Hope you found some cute pieces!
Stay safe and stay home everyone, XOXO Katelyn


Christmas Pajamas

Pajamas are old from Gap, boots

Hey Ya’ll!

I can’t believe it’s already December and that means it’s time for cozy Christmas pajamas! Below I’ve rounded up some of my favorites. Some are more Christmas-y and some you can wear all winter long! To shop any of these pjs click on the button with the number coordinating with the pajamas you like.

The Power of a Thankful Heart

The Power of a Thankful Heart

Hey Ya’ll

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s important to remember the meaning of the season. But Thanksgiving should be a reminder, not a reason to be thankful. My faith is so important in my life and it is what encourages me to be thankful but if you do not share the same faith as me or are not religious it still important to give thanks. If I mention God or faith in this post know that whatever I am saying can still apply to you.

It can sometimes be hard to give thanks. Social media is so prominent in our society and can make it hard to be grateful for what we have. When you are seeing celebrities or influencers with the latest and greatest (whatever that may be: clothes, technology, etc.) it can be difficult to keep jealousy from overcoming us. Having a thankful heart gives us the power to defeat this sense of jealousy. It can also be hard to give thanks when we are going through times of struggle. It may seem like you have nothing. Don’t dwell on the negative and instead focus on all the positives and all the blessings you have been given. We need to remember that we have all been given something to be grateful for no matter how big or small. Our simplest abilities — breathing, walking, talking, hearing, seeing — are all gifts to be thankful for. I try to remember that God has given me everything and what I can do in return is be thankful and give him praise for everything he has done for me. The same goes for people who have given you something (not necessarily a material item). Someone giving you the gift of their love is something you should be grateful for and not take for granted.

And let the peace of Christ control your hearts, the peace into which you were also called in one body. And be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, as in all wisdom you teach and admonish one another, singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God.And whatever you do, in word or in deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Colossians 3:15-17

Thankfulness changes you, your outlook, and your attitude. An attitude of thanksgiving accepts and embraces God’s will. It helps you to accept and embrace your life and yourself for what is/who you are. Thankfulness enables us to look outside ourselves so see the goodness all around us.

Recognizing the importance of thankfulness is one thing but actually living out a life of thankfulness is a whole other story. Some ways to remain thankful in everyday life include….

  • Try to not complain about things in your life. Instead, focus on what you can be thankful for in your life.
  • Don’t compare your life to someone else’s. This goes back to what I was saying about social media. It can be so hard to look at someones seemingly perfect life on Instagram and not wish it was ours. But, we have all been given the life we have for a reason.
  • If you believe in God, then pray to him and thank him for anything and everything. Once you start praying you may be surprised at how many blessings you have really been given. If praying is not your thing then practice mindfulness. Take time to just sit and think about your day and what you can be thankful for.

xoxo Katelyn

Workout Essentials

Workout Essentials

Hey Ya’ll

I recently saw something about making Fall resolutions as opposed to New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t remember where I saw this but I did a quick google search and found this article. Whether you are starting to workout as a Fall resolution or just because, or maybe you’ve been working out but want to change things up. Having the right essentials can really help get you motivated to start and continue to workout.

Clothes and Shoes

First let’s start with clothing- in the pictures I’m wearing Lululemon which is definitely my favorite athletic clothing brand. Yes it’s on the pricy range but, the right clothes can change your whole workout experience. They can make you feel confident and when I wear Lululemon I know I won’t have to worry about having to adjust my clothes (it’s just the worst when you have to keep pulling up your leggings). Two of my other favorite athletic clothing brands are Zella and Sweaty Betty. Just as important as clothes is shoes, and not just because they complete an outfit 😉. Wearing the right running shoes can help prevent future injuries. I suggest going to your local running speciality store that has the equipment to analyze your feet and how you run to find the shoes perfect for you. When I’m not running I wear Nike tennis shoes. They normally have cute ones at the Nike outlet but if you don’t live near an outlet Kohls has Nike’s for a good price.


Hydration is key to a great workout and I won’t drink water unless it is freezing cold. The best bottles I’ve found are Hydro Flask (which I have in the pictures), Swell, and Yeti. Another necessity is music. I love my airpods but regular earbuds work too. Last is my FlipBelt. Luckily, most leggings and skirts from Lululemon have a phone pocket but if I happen to be wearing bottoms without a pocket I use my FlipBelt. It’s so nice to not have to worry about holding your phone while running or walking.

Weekend Recap 10/4 – 10/6 Texas Edition

Weekend Recap 10/4 – 10/6 Texas Edition

Hey Ya’ll

sweater, leggings, shoes, suitcase

I can’t believe I am just now getting around to writing this blog post but it has just been such a busy week playing catch up. If you follow me on Instagram then you probably know that last weekend I went to Dallas for Family Weekend at SMU. We definitely ate our way through Dallas so keep reading for some great restaurant suggestions for the next time you head south.

Thursday morning we left bright and early and arrived in Dallas with time to have a super yummy lunch at Bird Bakery (which is so cute inside) and do a little shopping. We then went to dinner at Bistro 31. I got the Lobster Bolognese with gluten free pasta and it was heavenly! Friday we headed over to Biscuit Bar which is so fun inside. We went to the campus store, I got to see my sister’s sorority house, we had lunch at Velvet Taco (a must!), and of course did some more shopping. Tecovas, a handmade boot store, happened to be having their grand opening Friday (the best part was the mini Topo Chicos they gave you). That night we went to Saint Ann’s with a few of my sister’s friends and their families (the lighting and thunder that night really made it feel like an authentic Texas experience 😉).

Click on photos to take you to link of each place.

Saturday was super busy but also super fun. We started with brunch at Origin Kitchen and then we went to a party at one of my sister’s sorority sister’s houses. After a little bit of resting back at the hotel and a quick stop at Impeccable Pig (the dress I wore home is from the Impeccable Pig), we went to the Boulevard (tailgating at SMU) and then the game. We were all starving and left the game early to go to Torchy’s Tacos (another great taco place). Sunday started off with muffins from Unrefined (great for people with allergies) before doing some errands at Trader Joe’s and Boot Barn. For lunch we went to Mudhen and then checked out the Dallas Farmers Market. We then made our final stop at my sister’s dorm to drop her off before heading to the airport.

See you next time Dallas!

dress (I couldn’t find my dress in this print online but if you live near an Impeccable Pig they might have it), belt (an Amazon find!), shoes, suitcase