Lilly Dressed for Summer Sale

Lilly Dressed for Summer Sale

Good morning! I have been up since 4:45 so that I could shop the Lilly Pulitzer sale. Normally, they have two big After Party Sales, one in the spring and one at the end of summer. This year they added this sale that lasts 48 hours and is exclusively online. When you go onto the website you are put in a virtual line to keep the website from crashing. Luckily I only had a 5 minute wait time this morning. And typically if you go on the website a few hours after the start of the sale, you won’t be waiting longer than ten minutes as traffic slows down.

I got a few items from the sale and wanted to share what I got. I also thought I would share a few of my favorites from the sale that I didn’t get. And if you aren’t crazing like me and didn’t wake up before sunrise, don’t worry because there is still plenty of options left.

Just click on an image for the link.

What I Got

The pink luxletic skort is all ready sold out. Actually all of their tennis skorts sold out right away but here is linked their skorts not on sale.

My Favorites


The Elsa top (the first one) is a fan favorite for years. I’ve never tried one but I trust my fellow Lilly lovers. I love the three solid tops (if you count the blue printed reversible tank) because I can wear them with so many Lilly printed bottoms. I got the striped sweater for Christmas and it is so so soft.


The Madison skort (the first skirt shown) was my very first Lilly Pulitzer purchase and it is still one of my favorites. I also have a pair of leggings in the same style shown that are so cute and comfy.

Dresses and Rompers

Summer Madewell Haul

Summer Madewell Haul

Hello! I am so excited that it is finally summer and the sun is out! Madewell has some adorable summer clothes and has been having some great sales lately. I ordered a few things, shown below. Hope you enjoy! Oh and btw you can check my Instagram story for a try on (will be saved to highlights).

Top in an extra small: First up is this v-neck pocket tee. I love the classic navy and white stripe! Stripe tees are such a summer staple.

Shorts in a 24: I also have been in need of a new pair of jean shorts and I love this light wash and slightly frayed hem. I also like that they aren’t too tight or short.

Top in an extra small: This top is sadly sold out but this tie dye tee has the same boxy fit. This one is cute too.

Shorts: These shorts are old from Abercrombie. These white Madewell shorts look super cute though.

Top in an extra extra small: I actually already had this tee but it is from Madewell and it is my favorite white tee.

Shorts in a 25: Sadly these shorts were too big. Madewell seems to run consistently a size too big in shorts/pants. They are very cute though and I love the relaxed fit. Plus they are super comfy with some stretch in the denim.

Sweatshirt in an extra small: This is probably my favorite thing I got. The graphic on is so cute! It’s so perfect for beach nights!

Shorts in a 24: These are the same shorts worn with the stripe tee.

Beauty and Grace guest post – Summer Dresses

Beauty and Grace guest post – Summer Dresses

Today’s post is written by Grace from Beauty and Grace. Her blog and instagram is all things beauty with some added lifestyle and fashion posts!

I also wrote a post for her blog on summer hair accessories, you can find it here.

Take it away, Grace

Hi friends! Happy Friday!

I am loving wearing sun dresses this summer, so I thought I would share with you some of my favorites!

I got these in my Summer clothing haul! (Check out that post here!)

Let’s get started!

1. Blue dress from Shein

I love this dress from Shein! It’s so comfy and lightweight. It’s also an adorable color and pattern. I love the ruffled sleeves!

2. White dress from Target

I really like this dress from Target!!!

It’s flowy and ruffled all the way down! It’s a halter top too!

3. White dress from Shein

I know it’s another white dress but I love them so much! This one is plain and simple but one of my favorites! It is straight down with a ruffle at the end. It hits right above the knee which is a great length! I also pair this with this hair scarf and sunglasses! ( I link to and talk more about those here)

Thank you for reading!

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Hair Dryer Comparison

Hair Dryer Comparison

I have always dread blow drying my hair. Whenever it is not absolutely necessary to have dry hair I don’t dry it. (For me being necessary would be going somewhere where I want to be looking cute. Basically anytime I’m not wearing t-shirts and workout clothes.) So for this post I wanted to find what hair dryer would make the task of drying my hair a little easier. The hair dryers I’m reviewing are the Dry Bar Buttercup hair dryer, the T3 Featherweight 2 hair dryer, and the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer.

Dry Bar

  • Total Dry Dime- 8:20
  • Pros- This dryer was definitely the fastest and it didn’t get too hot
  • Cons- Some frizziness
  • Additional Notes- This does blow you hair around a lot making it get a little knotty (nothing too crazy but worth noting). I’m guessing this is what helps it dry so quickly so for me it’s worth it. Also this set pack is on sale for the less than just the dryer itself and comes with a round brush and some fun travel sized products.


  • Total dry time- 28:30
  • Pros- Ends are curled under, adds some volume, easy to use in comparison to using a round brush and regular hair dryer
  • Cons- Took a very long time, gets really hot
  • Additional Notes- I still think this is a great hair tool however I recommend not using it right after you get out of the shower. It gets pretty hot so to avoid damaging you hair wait until your hair is just a little damp. This also took more time because I sectioned my hair so I would have to keep stopping drying so I could bring down another section and brush it out.


  • Total Dry Time- 10:30
  • Pros- Pretty fast
  • Cons- Got really hot, some frizziness, ends are kinda wonky
  • Additional Notes: This is a great price for the quality.

Final Thoughts

I’m going to go ahead and say the Dry Bar Buttercup dryer won. What really stood out about it was how quickly I could dry my hair. It also didn’t get too hot. You might have noticed in the cons of the other too dryers I said that they were too hot. One reason this is a con is because it can damage your hair but really for me I just don’t like to get overheated while drying my hair. Even though the Dry Bar won the other two are still both really great. The T3 is a really good price for a good quality hair dryer. The Revlon is perfect for someone who often drys their hair with a round brush and wants an easier way to do this. Also great for someone who normally straightens their hair after drying it because this would hopefully cut out that step.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let m know what hair dryer you use and what you want me to review next.

XOXO, Katelyn

J. Crew Up to 60% Off Sale

J. Crew Up to 60% Off Sale

J. Crew is currently having a sale ranging from 40 to 60 percent off on so many spring/summer styles. Below I rounded up my favorite dresses, tops, tees, pants, shorts, jewelry, accessories, and shoes from the sale!

p.s. links are below each item

One | Two | Three | Four | Five

One | Two | Three | Four | Five

One | Two | Three | Four | Five

One | Two | Three | Four | Five

One | Two | Three | Four | Five

One | Two | Three | Four | Five

One | Two | Three | Four | Five

One | Two | Three | Four | Five

Comfy clothes I’ve been loving lately

Comfy clothes I’ve been loving lately

Outfit sold out from Lou and Grey

Since the start of self quarantining there’s been a few days where I am inspired to wear a cute outfit but lately it’s been cold and rainy and all I want to do is be comfy. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite items that have been getting me through these times. I have a few brands I love for comfy clothes so I separated everything by brand.

Lou and Grey @ Loft

Lou and Grey is seriously so soft and is perfect for when you want to be comfy without wearing athleisure wear.


Workout clothes are essential for comfort and Lululemon has some of the best.

Vineyard Vines

“Every day should feel this good” is a saying that perfect fits Vineyard Vines. Their fabric are so soft and everything is really cute!

Lilly Pulitzer

I love this brand not just for its adorable prints but for how comfortable everything is. Visit this post for more.

Happy shopping and happy almost Easter, XOXO Katelyn

Spring Dresses from Target

Spring Dresses from Target

This dress is so so comfy and perfect for WFH!

I’m not normally someone who buys clothes from Target but lately their new spring clothes have been too cute to pass up. Plus everything is at such good prices. For this post I’m just sharing my favorite spring dresses but I also love Target’s swimsuits and accessories so maybe I’ll do a few more Target posts… Anyways, I hope you enjoy this post and find something you like!

p.s. So many of these dresses are flowy, comfy and perfect for staying home. Stay safe and stay home y’all!

Confirmation and First Holy Communion Gifts for Girls

Confirmation and First Holy Communion Gifts for Girls

Confirmation and First Holy Communion are two very special events that are coming up soon. I’m actually being confirmed this year and I am so excited! The saint I chose for my confirmation is Saint Gianna Beretta Molla. Throughout this post you may see gifts specific to this saint such as this bracelet and this art print. I also found similar gifts for other saints and I think it would be so special to get a gift relating to the chosen saint of the girl you know being confirmed.

This post is perfect if you know a girl in your life who is about to partake in one of these sacraments this year. I separated this post based on item type. Most gifts work for First Communion and Confirmation but some are more specific. For those ones that are specified for the sacrament I included a similar option for the other sacrament. The links for each gift are in the captions of the pictures. I hope this post helps you find the perfect gift!

Before I start with the rest of the gifts I wanted to add in an idea that I was gifted on my First Holy Communion. My mom got a white handkerchief embroidered in light Blue with my name in the middle and the dates of my sacraments on each corner (one for baptism, one for first communion, one for confirmation, and eventually one for my wedding). One day I will have this as my something blue and my something old on my wedding. I think this is such a special keepsake that could be gifted for First Communion or Confirmation.


Books and Journals

The journals are better for teenagers being confirmed but I did include a book that looks perfect for 7-8 year old girls going through their First Communion.

Rosaries and Jewelry

Art Prints

These prints are all so beautiful and all found on Etsy! If the girl you are getting the gift for has a favorite bible verse or has chosen their confirmation saint you can do a quick search on Etsy to find the verse or a quote by their saint for a personalized gift.

Would Rather be Wearing Vol. 1

Would Rather be Wearing Vol. 1

I’ve been having kind of a rough day. I haven’t dealt very productive and had a stressful situation. Finding cute clothes brings me a lot of happiness so I decided to start a fun new series. I’ll be sharing outfits that I would rather be wearing. These outfits also show where I would rather be. I obviously would not be wearing this outfit in the freezing 65 degree weather. But, I would like to be at the pool with my friends wearing this!

Links: (p.s. almost everything is super affordable) Dress, Swimsuit, Earrings, Bag, Shoes, Hat