Fall Bucket List pt. 1

Fall Bucket List pt. 1

It’s fall y’all!

I thought it would be helpful to share my fall bucket list to give you some fun ideas to do this season. Around the end of November I will be posting part 2 of this post to show what I did on my bucket list (with pictures!) and what I didn’t get to. I haven’t seen anyone do that before and I thought it would be fun!

You can download my blank template to create your own fall bucket list!

3 Fall Outfits ft. SJ’s Southern Cuties

3 Fall Outfits ft. SJ’s Southern Cuties

I am so excited to be working with SJ’s Southern Cuties on this post! They have the cutest southern, preppy, and monogrammed clothes, shoes, and accessories. Today I am sharing three items from their shop and how I styled each of them into a perfect for fall outfit! Oh and before I forget, they were so generous to give me a promo code for y’all to use. Use code: KATELYN10 for 10% off your order. Happy shopping!

The items were gifted to me but all opinions are 100% my own.

Leopard Monogram Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is so fun! I love the bold leopard monogram with the boxy, cropped fit. It is perfect for wearing on its own with leggings or jeans and it would also be really cute for throwing over a workout outfit before/after your workout.

Monogrammed Duck Boots

I want to say these boots are my favorite of this post but honestly it’s so hard to decide because everything is so cute! I love how the monogram doesn’t stand out too much and is just a subtle addition that gives that personalized look. They are also so functional and comfortable. Perfect for cold, rainy days with a waterproof bottom half of the shoe and a soft plaid lining.

Pumpkin Monogram Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt completes all my fall, cozy dreams. The fleece lining is so warm and cozy and the monogram pumpkin is simply the cutest. You can wear it throughout fall to add a festive flair to your outfit. It is also perfect for Halloween if you don’t want to dress up.

The cutest tumbler and best fall sneakers

The cutest tumbler and best fall sneakers

I recently found an adorable etsy shop that makes monogrammed and personalized items! Is this black and gold tumbler not the cutest?! The black and gold is so perfect for fall, because of course ones cup must match their outfit. Shop Swoon Designs was so kind to send me this tumbler. You can shop their store here. They also gave me a promo code for you to use for 15% off: SEERSUCKERSOCAL15

Speaking of fall… I am loving all the sneakers this season! They can really add so much to an outfit. Below are some of my favorites.

*I will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you, when you shop through my links*

Back to School Outfit Inspo

Back to School Outfit Inspo

Getting ready to go back to school this year is certainly different then it’s been in the past. I normally would be getting a new backpack, a new pair of school shoes, and a few new polos for school (I wear a uniform). Instead I haven’t really been looking forward to the start of school – I start Monday. This post has gotten me a little more excited and I hope it does for you too!

As I mentioned above I wear uniforms at my school but we do have free dress days which is when I would wear these outfits. We are also starting online so I can wear these outfits then too. These outfits are also good just for some fall outfit inspiration (whether you are a student or not)!

Emily from Em by the Sea is sharing her back to school outfits too! She has the cutest style and y’all should definitely go check out her blog and instagram.

5 outfits for everyday of the week and every occasion


Similar sweater, tank, sweat pants, similar slippers

This outfit totally represents how I’m feeling about virtual learning. If I have to be at home for school I might as well take advantage of being able to wear super comfy clothes. And the only acceptable shoe choice for at home school is slippers (obviously!).


Tee, backpack, necklace, sneakers

This outfit is so classic yet simple and effortless. It’s also perfect for transitioning into fall because every preppy girl knows navy and white stripe work for any season!


Skort, sneakers

I don’t know about y’all, but in California fall still feels like summer. On those extra hot days I call in my tennis skorts for the win. At the beginning of this post I talked about free dress days at my school. On these days we still have a dress code and so I guess you can say I “cheat the system” by wearing a skirt. Our uniform is a skort that everyone wears short and so by wearing a tennis skort it isn’t as noticeable by the deans as short shorts are. I also love wearing t-shirts like this. The one I’m wearing is actually from family weekend at SMU but I get most of my tees from Vineyard Vines, Simply Southern, and Its a girl Thing.


Leggings, tee, sweater, sneakers, headband

This outfit is what I would say is not your ~average~ leggings and t-shirt look. The faux leather leggings are still super comfy but look a little more fashionable. A simple white tee and barefoot dreams cardigan replace a t-shirt and sweatshirt. I finished off the look with a knotted headband and white sneakers.


Sweater (part of the Nordstrom sale!), sneakers

Getting major fall vibes from this look! I love how this sweater has that chunky look without actually being too warm. Plus it doesn’t have any wool. I’m allergic and it can sometimes be hard to find sweaters without it. I also love these rose gold sneakers. This outfit will definitely have to sit in my closet for a little while longer thought because it is still too hot out for sweaters.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites 2020

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites 2020

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is me of my favorite sales each year! It always gets me so excited for fall. This year is definitely one of the better years for this sale with a ton of cute comfy and clothes. I was talking to a Nordstrom employee who told me that’s really all they’ve been getting in recently because that’s what people are buying (and I am not complaining about this! Especially since I’m starting school virtual).

In this post I’m sharing my favorites from the sale, separated into nine different categories (one of them being what I purchased).

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Everyday wear

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Comfy Cozy

Click here for links


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Children’s *kids clothes I would wear*

I am 5’1 and typically wear xxs or xs in women’s sizes and can wear an xl or xxl in children’s sizes. In shoes I am a 6 women’s and 4-5 in children’s.

Click here for links

What I Purchased

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How You Can Volunteer During COVID-19

How You Can Volunteer During COVID-19

My family has always taught me how important serving your community is. My mom and I are in National Charity League (my sister was too when she was younger). Summer is such a great time to volunteer but sadly there aren’t many options with Covid-19 causing many places to close for volunteers. NCL gave us some options of ways to volunteer without leaving your house but anyone can do these even if you aren’t in NCL.

Cards for First Responders

Making cards is one of the easiest things you can do and you can really get creative with them. Plus, you most likely have everything you need to make them already. Go to this website to find out more details on specifications on making the cards and where to send them.

Paracord Bracelets

Paracord bracelets are used by the military and are actually super cool. A few of their uses include: secure camouflage nets to trees or vehicles, build a makeshift shelter, extend a security strap or rope to reach and haul heavy objects, create a harness to extract an injured person from a bad location, make a sling or splint, emergency sutures to close a wound, fishing line, and trip line to secure an area. These bracelets also hold meaning because the man or women is service who receives one knows it was made by an American back at home who appreciates what they are doing for them. You can find out how to purchase the cords and how to make them into bracelets at Operation Gratitude. They are a little tricky at first but once you get the hang of it you’ll be good.

Special Olympics

I’ve vollunteered at a few different Special Olympics events but I’ve heard that they have virtual Olympics that you can help with. It is based on where you live so look up “virtual Special Olympics” and then whatever state you live in.

This is just a few ideas ideas but there are so many more things you can do. Reach out to places in you community to ask them how you can help. This can include hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Also, the first two ideas I did with my friends and it made it so much fun and go by super fast. Even as places start to open up these are still great ideas that are so easy since you don’t even have to leave your house.

How to Have the Perfect Lake Day

How to Have the Perfect Lake Day

Hi! Not sure when this will be posted, but currently I am getting ready to leave for Lake Havasu tomorrow for Fourth of July. We have been going to Lake Havasu, in Arizona, for years and I love it! When my family goes to the lake its normally for a whole trip (like going to Havasu) and so we stay in our motor home. We occasionally go to lakes more local for just the day. These tips work for either way. Also, my family has a wake boat but these tips can still be used wether you have your own boat, are renting a boat, or are going with someone who has a boat.

Outfit from head to toe

First things first, you need to pick your outfit. Obviously a bathing suit, but you want to make sure its one that stays in place and is comfortable for all the water activities you may be doing (skiing, wake surfing, wakeboarding, etc). Then you need whatever outfit you’ll be wearing over your bathing suit. I recommend a coverup dress/romper because its so easy to just throw on. You don’t want to be holding everyone up trying to get your outfit back on. Lastly, you need some sun protection. I don’t love wearing rash guards but if that’s your thing then you’ll definitely want to bring one. For hats, a baseball style hat or visor is best because it stays on even when the boat is going fast (vs a bigger sun hat that would just blow off your head). For sunglasses, really anything works but I prefer sturdier plastic sunglasses that I don’t have to worry about being crushed. Keep it simple with shoes and wear flip flops that can get wet.

Links: my favorite place to get bathing suits and coverups, the hat I always use, my sunglasses

What to pack in your bag

You’ll want a tote bag (that zips) or backpack to keep all your personal items. You don’t need a lot but there are definitely some items to bring that are essential:

  • Towel – If you have a boat you own my best tip is to buy bath towels in a color that coordinates to your boat that aren’t too big so that they dry quickly. This way you don’t have to worry about which towel is yours and you make these towels exclusively for the boat so that if you go to a cove and go on the sand your not getting “the boat towels” sandy. Instead bring another towel for the sand. If you don’t want to do this, or if its not your own boat, then anything that’s not too thick will work.
  • Sunscreen – I bring sunscreen for my body, face, scalp, and lips. (Skin cancer is no joke, people). Bring all your SPF in a pouch that you can easily grasp out of your bigger bag. Don’t forget your part and get a spray sunscreen meant for your scalp. My only other tip is to keep your chapstick (with spf) in a ziplock bag in the cooler so that it doesn’t melt.
  • Hair – I always bring a hair brush so that I can brush out my hair after going in the water. Also, make sure to pack an extra pony tail holder just in case.
  • Water – Below, I talk about drinks to keep in your cooler. But, you also want to bring a reusable bottle with water that you can refill throughout the day.

Links: towel, sunscreen: body, face, scalp, lips, hair brush, water bottle


This grape chicken salad is my favorite to pack on the boat. If you aren’t bringing lunch, you definitely still want to pack some snacks. Obviously, chips are always great but you’ll also want some refreshing fruit and fresh veggies that you bring in a cooler. They really just taste so good when you’ve been out in the heat. My favorite is watermelon and my sister loves cut oranges. For veggies I like carrots, bell peppers, cucumber, and snap peas with hummus. For heavier snacks (that you could have as a light lunch) we like salami, cheese, mustard and crackers or smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumbers.

Links: chicken salad, cooler


Staying hydrated is so important to making sure you have a good day. If you start to get dehydrated you’ll be tired, you can get headaches, and you just won’t be feeling your best. This is especially important when we go to Havasu where the high is never below 100 in the summer. The drinks we always bring are water, spindrift (or any flavored sparkling water), and iced tea (we make the tea and bring it in our own cups but you could also get premade teas). Other drinks we bring are coconut water (so good for hydration), bai drinks (my sister likes these but they aren’t my favorite), and my pick, Arnold palmers. Of course bring whatever you will drink so that you make sure you are having enough. Going to the lake is always the time I can have more sugary drinks (like Gatorade) to ensure we don’t get dehydrated.

Links: cooler

Lilly Dressed for Summer Sale

Lilly Dressed for Summer Sale

Good morning! I have been up since 4:45 so that I could shop the Lilly Pulitzer sale. Normally, they have two big After Party Sales, one in the spring and one at the end of summer. This year they added this sale that lasts 48 hours and is exclusively online. When you go onto the website you are put in a virtual line to keep the website from crashing. Luckily I only had a 5 minute wait time this morning. And typically if you go on the website a few hours after the start of the sale, you won’t be waiting longer than ten minutes as traffic slows down.

I got a few items from the sale and wanted to share what I got. I also thought I would share a few of my favorites from the sale that I didn’t get. And if you aren’t crazing like me and didn’t wake up before sunrise, don’t worry because there is still plenty of options left.

Just click on an image for the link.

What I Got

The pink luxletic skort is all ready sold out. Actually all of their tennis skorts sold out right away but here is linked their skorts not on sale.

My Favorites


The Elsa top (the first one) is a fan favorite for years. I’ve never tried one but I trust my fellow Lilly lovers. I love the three solid tops (if you count the blue printed reversible tank) because I can wear them with so many Lilly printed bottoms. I got the striped sweater for Christmas and it is so so soft.


The Madison skort (the first skirt shown) was my very first Lilly Pulitzer purchase and it is still one of my favorites. I also have a pair of leggings in the same style shown that are so cute and comfy.

Dresses and Rompers

Summer Madewell Haul

Summer Madewell Haul

Hello! I am so excited that it is finally summer and the sun is out! Madewell has some adorable summer clothes and has been having some great sales lately. I ordered a few things, shown below. Hope you enjoy! Oh and btw you can check my Instagram story for a try on (will be saved to highlights).

Top in an extra small: First up is this v-neck pocket tee. I love the classic navy and white stripe! Stripe tees are such a summer staple.

Shorts in a 24: I also have been in need of a new pair of jean shorts and I love this light wash and slightly frayed hem. I also like that they aren’t too tight or short.

Top in an extra small: This top is sadly sold out but this tie dye tee has the same boxy fit. This one is cute too.

Shorts: These shorts are old from Abercrombie. These white Madewell shorts look super cute though.

Top in an extra extra small: I actually already had this tee but it is from Madewell and it is my favorite white tee.

Shorts in a 25: Sadly these shorts were too big. Madewell seems to run consistently a size too big in shorts/pants. They are very cute though and I love the relaxed fit. Plus they are super comfy with some stretch in the denim.

Sweatshirt in an extra small: This is probably my favorite thing I got. The graphic on is so cute! It’s so perfect for beach nights!

Shorts in a 24: These are the same shorts worn with the stripe tee.

Beauty and Grace guest post – Summer Dresses

Beauty and Grace guest post – Summer Dresses

Today’s post is written by Grace from Beauty and Grace. Her blog and instagram is all things beauty with some added lifestyle and fashion posts!

I also wrote a post for her blog on summer hair accessories, you can find it here.

Take it away, Grace

Hi friends! Happy Friday!

I am loving wearing sun dresses this summer, so I thought I would share with you some of my favorites!

I got these in my Summer clothing haul! (Check out that post here!)

Let’s get started!

1. Blue dress from Shein

I love this dress from Shein! It’s so comfy and lightweight. It’s also an adorable color and pattern. I love the ruffled sleeves!

2. White dress from Target

I really like this dress from Target!!!

It’s flowy and ruffled all the way down! It’s a halter top too!

3. White dress from Shein

I know it’s another white dress but I love them so much! This one is plain and simple but one of my favorites! It is straight down with a ruffle at the end. It hits right above the knee which is a great length! I also pair this with this hair scarf and sunglasses! ( I link to and talk more about those here)

Thank you for reading!

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