Back to School Outfit Inspo

Back to School Outfit Inspo

Getting ready to go back to school this year is certainly different then it’s been in the past. I normally would be getting a new backpack, a new pair of school shoes, and a few new polos for school (I wear a uniform). Instead I haven’t really been looking forward to the start of school – I start Monday. This post has gotten me a little more excited and I hope it does for you too!

As I mentioned above I wear uniforms at my school but we do have free dress days which is when I would wear these outfits. We are also starting online so I can wear these outfits then too. These outfits are also good just for some fall outfit inspiration (whether you are a student or not)!

Emily from Em by the Sea is sharing her back to school outfits too! She has the cutest style and y’all should definitely go check out her blog and instagram.

5 outfits for everyday of the week and every occasion


Similar sweater, tank, sweat pants, similar slippers

This outfit totally represents how I’m feeling about virtual learning. If I have to be at home for school I might as well take advantage of being able to wear super comfy clothes. And the only acceptable shoe choice for at home school is slippers (obviously!).


Tee, backpack, necklace, sneakers

This outfit is so classic yet simple and effortless. It’s also perfect for transitioning into fall because every preppy girl knows navy and white stripe work for any season!


Skort, sneakers

I don’t know about y’all, but in California fall still feels like summer. On those extra hot days I call in my tennis skorts for the win. At the beginning of this post I talked about free dress days at my school. On these days we still have a dress code and so I guess you can say I “cheat the system” by wearing a skirt. Our uniform is a skort that everyone wears short and so by wearing a tennis skort it isn’t as noticeable by the deans as short shorts are. I also love wearing t-shirts like this. The one I’m wearing is actually from family weekend at SMU but I get most of my tees from Vineyard Vines, Simply Southern, and Its a girl Thing.


Leggings, tee, sweater, sneakers, headband

This outfit is what I would say is not your ~average~ leggings and t-shirt look. The faux leather leggings are still super comfy but look a little more fashionable. A simple white tee and barefoot dreams cardigan replace a t-shirt and sweatshirt. I finished off the look with a knotted headband and white sneakers.


Sweater (part of the Nordstrom sale!), sneakers

Getting major fall vibes from this look! I love how this sweater has that chunky look without actually being too warm. Plus it doesn’t have any wool. I’m allergic and it can sometimes be hard to find sweaters without it. I also love these rose gold sneakers. This outfit will definitely have to sit in my closet for a little while longer thought because it is still too hot out for sweaters.

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