Hair Dryer Comparison

Hair Dryer Comparison

I have always dread blow drying my hair. Whenever it is not absolutely necessary to have dry hair I don’t dry it. (For me being necessary would be going somewhere where I want to be looking cute. Basically anytime I’m not wearing t-shirts and workout clothes.) So for this post I wanted to find what hair dryer would make the task of drying my hair a little easier. The hair dryers I’m reviewing are the Dry Bar Buttercup hair dryer, the T3 Featherweight 2 hair dryer, and the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer.

Dry Bar

  • Total Dry Dime- 8:20
  • Pros- This dryer was definitely the fastest and it didn’t get too hot
  • Cons- Some frizziness
  • Additional Notes- This does blow you hair around a lot making it get a little knotty (nothing too crazy but worth noting). I’m guessing this is what helps it dry so quickly so for me it’s worth it. Also this set pack is on sale for the less than just the dryer itself and comes with a round brush and some fun travel sized products.


  • Total dry time- 28:30
  • Pros- Ends are curled under, adds some volume, easy to use in comparison to using a round brush and regular hair dryer
  • Cons- Took a very long time, gets really hot
  • Additional Notes- I still think this is a great hair tool however I recommend not using it right after you get out of the shower. It gets pretty hot so to avoid damaging you hair wait until your hair is just a little damp. This also took more time because I sectioned my hair so I would have to keep stopping drying so I could bring down another section and brush it out.


  • Total Dry Time- 10:30
  • Pros- Pretty fast
  • Cons- Got really hot, some frizziness, ends are kinda wonky
  • Additional Notes: This is a great price for the quality.

Final Thoughts

I’m going to go ahead and say the Dry Bar Buttercup dryer won. What really stood out about it was how quickly I could dry my hair. It also didn’t get too hot. You might have noticed in the cons of the other too dryers I said that they were too hot. One reason this is a con is because it can damage your hair but really for me I just don’t like to get overheated while drying my hair. Even though the Dry Bar won the other two are still both really great. The T3 is a really good price for a good quality hair dryer. The Revlon is perfect for someone who often drys their hair with a round brush and wants an easier way to do this. Also great for someone who normally straightens their hair after drying it because this would hopefully cut out that step.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let m know what hair dryer you use and what you want me to review next.

XOXO, Katelyn

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