Confirmation and First Holy Communion Gifts for Girls

Confirmation and First Holy Communion Gifts for Girls

Confirmation and First Holy Communion are two very special events that are coming up soon. I’m actually being confirmed this year and I am so excited! The saint I chose for my confirmation is Saint Gianna Beretta Molla. Throughout this post you may see gifts specific to this saint such as this bracelet and this art print. I also found similar gifts for other saints and I think it would be so special to get a gift relating to the chosen saint of the girl you know being confirmed.

This post is perfect if you know a girl in your life who is about to partake in one of these sacraments this year. I separated this post based on item type. Most gifts work for First Communion and Confirmation but some are more specific. For those ones that are specified for the sacrament I included a similar option for the other sacrament. The links for each gift are in the captions of the pictures. I hope this post helps you find the perfect gift!

Before I start with the rest of the gifts I wanted to add in an idea that I was gifted on my First Holy Communion. My mom got a white handkerchief embroidered in light Blue with my name in the middle and the dates of my sacraments on each corner (one for baptism, one for first communion, one for confirmation, and eventually one for my wedding). One day I will have this as my something blue and my something old on my wedding. I think this is such a special keepsake that could be gifted for First Communion or Confirmation.


Books and Journals

The journals are better for teenagers being confirmed but I did include a book that looks perfect for 7-8 year old girls going through their First Communion.

Rosaries and Jewelry

Art Prints

These prints are all so beautiful and all found on Etsy! If the girl you are getting the gift for has a favorite bible verse or has chosen their confirmation saint you can do a quick search on Etsy to find the verse or a quote by their saint for a personalized gift.

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