Workout Essentials

Workout Essentials

Hey Ya’ll

I recently saw something about making Fall resolutions as opposed to New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t remember where I saw this but I did a quick google search and found this article. Whether you are starting to workout as a Fall resolution or just because, or maybe you’ve been working out but want to change things up. Having the right essentials can really help get you motivated to start and continue to workout.

Clothes and Shoes

First let’s start with clothing- in the pictures I’m wearing Lululemon which is definitely my favorite athletic clothing brand. Yes it’s on the pricy range but, the right clothes can change your whole workout experience. They can make you feel confident and when I wear Lululemon I know I won’t have to worry about having to adjust my clothes (it’s just the worst when you have to keep pulling up your leggings). Two of my other favorite athletic clothing brands are Zella and Sweaty Betty. Just as important as clothes is shoes, and not just because they complete an outfit šŸ˜‰. Wearing the right running shoes can help prevent future injuries. I suggest going to your local running speciality store that has the equipment to analyze your feet and how you run to find the shoes perfect for you. When I’m not running I wear Nike tennis shoes. They normally have cute ones at the Nike outlet but if you don’t live near an outlet Kohls has Nike’s for a good price.


Hydration is key to a great workout and I won’t drink water unless it is freezing cold. The best bottles I’ve found are Hydro Flask (which I have in the pictures), Swell, and Yeti. Another necessity is music. I love my airpods but regular earbuds work too. Last is my FlipBelt. Luckily, most leggings and skirts from Lululemon have a phone pocket but if I happen to be wearing bottoms without a pocket I use my FlipBelt. It’s so nice to not have to worry about holding your phone while running or walking.

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