Weekend Recap 9/14 – 9/15

Weekend Recap 9/14 – 9/15

Hey Ya’ll

So excited to be writing my first Weekend Update post! I’m not going to be doing these every week but I’ll definitely try to get one up when I can.

I started the weekend off with an early morning at Target. Target celebrated 20 years of designer collaborations by bringing back 20 limited edition collaborations. The collection was released Saturday morning and based on their past collaboration collections I knew I had to get to Target as soon as they opened. Below I’m sharing what I got.

The rest of my Saturday was spent volunteering for Special Olympics Golf through my school and having a relaxing night working on creating my blog and watching 12 Strong (such an amazing movie).

Every Sunday morning I volunteer at our local hospital on the Labor and Delivery floor (the cuteness!). Later, my parents and I went to Nick’s in Laguna Beach (definitely recommend). We got the fried blue cheese olives to start and they were amazing! We also decided to splurge and get dessert because they have the best butter cake, like seriously it’s to die for. And lastly, the most exciting part of my weekend, I started this blog!

xoxo, Katelyn

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