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Latest Posts:

  • 50 Under 50 – White Dresses
    White dresses are one of my favorite things to wear in the spring and summer! You can wear them with so many fun accessories plus they look great with a summer tan😉. Below I rounded up some of my favorites all under $50!
  • Hair Dryer Comparison
    I have always dread blow drying my hair. Whenever it is not absolutely necessary to have dry hair I don’t dry it. So for this post I wanted to find what hair dryer would make the task of drying my hair a little easier.
  • J. Crew Up to 60% Off Sale
    J. Crew is currently having a sale ranging from 40 to 60 percent off on so many spring/summer styles. Below I rounded up my favorite dresses, tops, tees, pants, shorts, jewelry, accessories, and shoes from the sale!
  • Comfy clothes I’ve been loving lately
    Today I’m sharing some of my favorite items that have been getting me through these times. I have a few brands I love for comfy clothes so I separated everything by brand.
  • Spring Dresses from Target
    I’m not normally someone who buys clothes from Target but lately their new spring clothes have been too cute to pass up. Plus everything is at such good prices. For this post I’m just sharing my favorite spring dresses but I also love Target’s swimsuits and accessories so maybe I’ll do a few more Target posts… Anyways, I hope you enjoy this post and find something you like!